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25 Sep 2015
Saks Fifth Avenue
Last year Caroline did multiple shoots for Saks Fifth Avenue. Her images appeared on their website for their fall collection, and it was fun to see which photos would be used by them. For one of her days working for Saks she got to be part of a pretend family consisting of a Mom, Dad, and brother. They modeled different looks together as a family and she fell in love with some of the outfits she got to wear, just look at that gorgeous gold dress. Some additional behind the scenes images from the shoot have been added, what a fun day working for the company!

Caroline also has some booking news to share, she recently did a new shoot for Bob's Stores!

Posted by: Lisa

22 Sep 2015
Happy Birthday!
It's a big day for Caroline today, one full of fun and excitement from the moment she wakes up until bedtime tonight. It's no ordinary day as she woke up another year older, officially seven years old and ready to enjoy her birthday. Happy Birthday Caroline! I hope you have an amazing day today as you celebrate at the happiest place on Earth! Rides, treats, sights to see and of course Disney characters, you will always remember your seventh birthday, and I know you will be enjoying every moment this day brings. I hope the wish you make when you blow out the candles on your cake comes true, and hopefully you see some of your favorite Disney stars today too! Happy Birthday!

Peter is also another year older, turning seven as well today, Happy Birthday Peter! What a surprise to find out that you're spending your birthday down at Disney, so cool, and I hope you are having a blast today in the theme parks! Being seven is going to be a pretty fun age for you, and I'm sure you're going to make lots of fun memories for this age, starting with today and all of the fun and magic the day will bring you. I hope you have one of the best birthdays ever, and that your birthday wish comes true as well. Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Lisa

16 Sep 2015
Fall is in the air with Beanpole! The company is ready for those crisp cool days with their new collection of kids apparel and it all can be viewed in their recently released lookbook! Caroline appears throughout as she models several different outfits looking warm and comfy in her coats and other British inspired clothing and accessories. She has also been featured on their website in multiple banners advertising the collection's arrival, and it has been exciting for her to see her images being used by an international company as Beanple is based in South Korea! All of the images came out fabulously, and the company especially loves the photo of her in the green using it on several occasions to promote the line.

Behind the scenes, Caroline had a fantastic time working for Beanpole. She made new friends on set as they did a variety of group shots together and loving the different clothes they got to model. She really enjoys on location shoots, getting to spend some time outdoors and seeing different parts of the city and surrounding areas. Between takes, the photographer even let Caroline get in on the behind the camera action using it to take some of her own shots of what she could see around the shoot location, which was really fun. What a great company to work for and thank-you to everyone on set for a fun shoot!

Posted by: Lisa

11 Aug 2015
Bob's Stores
If you don't have your wardrobe ready for back to school have no fear because Bob's Stores is on top of it with their new catalog! Featuring boys and girls looks that will have kids happy with their new outfits Caroline appears throughout! She and her friends got to shoot outside of and on a school bus having lots of fun posing for images and hanging out. The shots used came out great, and it's always nice seeing the big group ones, Caroline loved working with everyone. If you haven't received a copy of the catalog, don't worry as you can also view the images in the gallery!

Posted by: Lisa

14 Jul 2015
Stage Stores
Caroline always enjoys shooting for Stage Stores. Every season they bring her in she shoots multiple outfits and is seen on their website and in their flyers. They have just begun rolling out their new apparel in time for back to school shopping and multiple new shots have surfaced! Caroline can not only be seen in solo images in the clothing section to show off the different outfits, but she can also be seen in a group shot for the company's Facebook page cover photo. She had so much fun working with friends, and also made a few new ones that day too. What a fun photoshoot!

Caroline will be seen for Stage Stores throughout the coming months as she has just worked another two days for the company this month! She will also be seen later this year for the clothing line Beanpole!

Posted by: Lisa

26 Jun 2015
Caroline had an amazing time shooting in Wildwood, NJ with Martelli Photography not too long ago! She and several of her friends spent some time up at the beach and surrounding area doing a two part series of shots for Poster Child Magazine and an editorial titled "Adventure at Wildwoods". She had a ton of fun shooting along the beach and boardwalk, and the girls did not stop smiling and laughing for even a moment. The images have been featured on the magazine's blog, and with a thank-you to Martelli Photography the images along with several additional shots have been added to the gallery, what an amazing photoshoot!

Caroline has some booking news to share! She has been busy working on a new shoot for Oscar de la Renta, and did a photoshoot for Toys R Us with the one and only Shaq!

Posted by: Lisa

10 May 2015
Oscar de la Renta
Spring is in the air and Oscar de la Renta is continuing to add new images to their website from the kids spring/summer collection! Some new poses of Caroline modeling different outfits have been spotted, and she has also been popping up in emails to customers and ads on their social media accounts. It is always exciting to open an email from the company and see a shot of Caroline and her friends, this shoot was so much fun to do, and it's great to see so many photos surfacing from it. Make sure to view the new images in the gallery!

Caroline was busy shooting the fall line for Carters this past week!

Posted by: Lisa

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